Welcome to the Southside Archives.

Members Only at House of Blues, Houston. Shot by Chris Henriques.

My name is Chris Henriques, I’m from Houston, Texas and I am a digital media major at Texas State University. Growing up in Houston, a city with very rich musical history, I always found myself surrounded by music in all of its forms and I was infatuated with it from a young age to say the least. I knew I always wanted to work with music in one way or another. This blog is a creative outlet for me to write about the new music I find online as well as in the Austin/ San Marcos area. Every piece of music and every artist to feature on the blog is curated solely by me.

The main goal for Southside Archives is to create a space to promote small, independent, and local artists who don’t necessarily get the coverage that I feel they deserve from other media outlets. This blog is for any person that is itching to find new music of all genres. This space is for the music lovers of all levels, from casual to heavy listeners and everything else in between. This blog is the product of one single person’s passion for music. Southside Archives is the hub for new age music, inspired by bedroom artists everywhere.

Denzel Curry: 2055 The ULT Experience tour at Warehouse Live, Houston. Shot by Chris Henriques.

With that being said, avid readers of the blog can expect to see different forms of content posted throughout the near future, ranging from album and mixtape reviews, concert experiences, new artists profiles, interviews, and handpicked playlists. External outlets that could be possible in the future will include an Instagram, Twitter and Soundcloud pages for fans to receive more immediate content.

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