Texas Legends. The Southside One Direction. The Worlds Greatest Boyband. Brockhampton.

Kevin Abstract; Jennifer’s Tour. Austin, Texas.

Whenever one hears the term ‘boyband’ many don’t usually imagine a black twenty-something gay man, a Ghanaian college dropout, or a former drug dealing skater. Brockhampton, the Texas native band of misfits are redefining the meaning behind the term ‘boybands’. Originating back in 2015 in San Marcos, Texas, started by front man Kevin Abstract.  The band consists of 14 artists ranging from singers, rappers, producers, artists, designers, and photographers. New listeners will find that Brockhampton is a breath of fresh air in the current climate of music; producing every single piece of content in-house.

Bearface; Jennifer’s Tour. Austin, Texas.

Following up a year later after the band’s debut mixtape ‘All-American Trash’ the internet began to see a surge of infectious singles paired with captivating visuals, week after week from ‘Saturation I’ and ‘Saturation II’. Little did we know this was only the beginning of what would eventually become the bands catapult to success. Throughout the summer of 2017, this boyband was able to produce two full length albums, 10 visuals (averaging about a million views per video), multiple sold out merchandise collections, premiere their own documentary series on VICELAND, and completely sell out their first tour.

Merlyn Wood; Jennifer’s Tour. Austin, Texas.

After such a successful summer the boyband has continued to capitalize on their momentum, traveling across the country on their ‘Jennifer’s Tour’ run, being booked for multiple festivals, as well as working on the third and final installment of their Saturation trilogy, hinted to be released before the end of 2017. Brockhampton is on the verge of superstardom with chart topping fame peeking right around the corner. For those interested, the best way to get familiar with the band is to watch their origins in San Marcos, Tx in their self-produced documentary ‘ALL-AMERICAN TRASH DOCUMENTARY‘. Some excellent introductory songs to get familiar with the group include ‘FACE’, ‘GOLD’, ‘GUMMY’, and ‘JUNKY’. Brockhampton is a rap group for those that hate rap and pop group for those who don’t like pop, with that being said this group has an infectious essence to them that will have you engulfed in their world in no time.

Shot by Chris Henriques.

Joba; Jennifer’s Tour. Austin Texas.

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