Welcome to The Private Club.

Many know the the hits, ‘Uber Everywhere’ and ‘VSVSVS’ but only few know the faces behind these new age anthems. Thus, ushering in two of the most unique artists of this generation, with their heavily Japanese influenced style and sound Madeintyo and 24hrs are some of Hip Hop’s top prospects in the game right now.


The two brothers, much like many other artists found their voices during their high school years. What sets them apart from their peers is their overseas upbringing. Being the children of a military family, the boys found themselves constantly moving throughout the United States before settling in the Kanagawa prefecture of Japan. It was there that they began to embrace the culture of Japan and incorporate it into their sound.

24hrs, the oldest of the two, left home after high school to pursue a career under the name of ‘Royce Rizzy’. While the oldest was off pursuing his music career, the youngest; Madeintyo, was back home posting music to Soundcloud trying to kickstart his own. It was in the early months of 2016 when he posted his future smash hit ‘Uber Everywhere’ to Soundcloud. RackinIMG_4080g up millions of plays and views on Youtube, the artist was pushed heavily pushed to the forefront of superstardom early. It was with this momentum that the two brothers; Madeintyo and the newly named 24hrs (formerly known as Royce Rizzy) banded together to form their own record label, Private Club Records. Partnering with Warner Bros. Ent. to release their respective debut projects; ‘True’s World’ and ‘Night Shift’. In 2017 both brothers were nominated for the highly coveted XXL Freshman Class Cover. The two brothers are currently on their first co-headlining tour across the country, selling out multiple cities.


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