The Unorthodox Chaos; Injury Reserve


Ritchie With a T & Stepa J Groggs @ Come & Take it Live, Austin.

Arizona over the years has been a fairly quiet space in the music scene. The odd trio has a completely unique sound unlike any other. As they pioneer the music scene for Phoenix, they’ve said that their greatest influences, or rather lack there of in Arizona was the best thing that could have happened to them stylistically.

The DIY-centric group consists of three members, “Stepa J Groggs” (MC), “Ritchie With a T” (MC) and producer, Parker Corey. Surrounded by garageband and house show culture, theres something very raw and uncut about the group that provides a space for alternative and hip hop fans to enjoy.

With the lo-fi inspired melodies, Neptune’s-esque percussion and hardcore vocals, Injury reserve is pushing musical boundaries and broadening horizons that the genre has yet seen. Their live performances are a spectacle within themselves, fueled by raw emotions and infectious enthusiasm. With three full length projects under their belt, multiple collaborations (Vic Mensa, Chunk Inglish, Curtis Williams, etc.) and beautifully avant-garde visuals the trio has a promising road ahead of them.

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