Focus Hip Hop & OG Nick Marsh; The Honest and Unfiltered

I first found Focus Hip Hop through the discover page on WordPress Shortly after making my own blog. I figured as a new writer in the Hip Hop blogging community it would be a good start to follow fellow bloggers. Screen Shot 2017-10-22 at 6.01.46 PM

Focus Hip Hop; ran by blogger OG Nick Marsh, is a space for honest and unfiltered Hip Hop reviews. What I found so appealing about his blog is that there’s no sugar coating when it comes to his critiques, the articles are straight to the point with an honest opinion. The articles are made for Hip Hop lovers, by a Hip Hop lover. There’s something there for everyone, covering all tiers of Hip Hop. From new, old, independent and chart-topping artists.

The reason I find this particular blog so refreshing is it’s brutal honesty. Most blogs are so concerned about saving face for their media presence that it begins to impede on their content. I highly recommend this blog for any person looking to find new music with a unique perspective, Focus Hip Hop is the place for you.

Make sure to follow Nick’s blog, Focus Hip Hop and his other social media listed below.

Twitter: @OGNickMarsh

Youtube: OG Nick Marsh

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