Who is SYRE?

For years Jaden Smith has teased the internet about his debut album, ‘SYRE‘ with countless singles. On November 17th, the we were finally greeted with the young mans first studio length LP. So the question stands, did the Roc Nation signee live up to the hype?


Jaden Smith ‘Icon’. @vevo

SYRE is the soundtrack that sounds like something out of a Hip Hop inspired western. The hard hitting aggressive production transports the listener into the mountains of Calabasas. The album is a speeding bullet of hype through western desert at sunset. Jaden Smith is not afraid to wear his inspirations on his sleeves and I think it really shows in this project. Fans of ‘Man On the Moon: The End of Day’ by Kid Cudi and ‘Yeezus‘ by Kanye West will catch on to the overall concepts and aesthetics expressed in tracks such as, ‘Icon‘ and ‘Batman‘.

Image-1Jaden did not hesitate at all to carry the album on his back. Instead of taking the industry standard approach of flooding every other track with A-list artists, he decided to keep it minimal and I think it worked out for his best interest. The features for the album took a very “quality over quantity approach” with only three guest appearances on the project; A$AP Rocky, Raury and Willow Smith, the features stayed well within their means and executed their verses well.

Coming in at 17 tracks and about an hour long, the young artist shows ambition and a clear drive for vision of the universe he paints saturated with bright colors, teslas and designer clothes. SYRE, although a bit lack-luster with some tracks such as ‘Rapper‘ that lack depth. Overall I would say that although Jaden did not exceed many expectations. However, he definitely established himself as a serious artist. The project was fairly cohesive from start to finish, he stepped outside of his comfort zones experimenting with new sounds to create amazing tracks like ‘B’, ‘L’, ‘U’ and ‘E’, as well as pairing singles with astonishing visuals. ‘SYRE’ get’s a 7/10 from me, the project seemed to run on a little longer than necessary. However, the production, anthem styled delivery and overall artistry makes up for this to be a solid debut for Jaden.

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