Jelani Aryeh and Raisedbytheinternet

Jelani Aryeh: ‘Lavender Love’ via Instagram @jelaniiaryeh

I’ve had my eyes on Jelani and his team for some time now. It all started with a simple scroll through Instagram, on the explore page. The post that caught my eye was that of a young man in a pink, custom ‘American Flowerboy’ hoodie. The caption, “i talked to tyler today at comic-con. he called me a n*gga. best day ever.” After digging deeper through the depths of Instagram, Soundcloud, and Twitter I found out this kid had something special in store for himself.

Jelani Aryeh, a 17-year-old form the suburbs of San Diego isn’t afraid to express his inspirations, in fact he shares them quite boldly. With a blissfully alt-hip hop pathway that he’s paved for himself, he is a young creative mind birthed from the art of those such as Frank Ocean, Tyler, The Creator, and Kevin Abstract.

via Instagram @jelaniiareyeh

‘suburban destines’ via Instagram @jelaniiareyeh

Jelani, is also the founder of his own music collective, ‘raisedbytheinternet‘. With a growing following on social media and thousands of plays stacking up on platforms such as, Apple Music, Spotify, and Soundcloud. Jelani is on the verge of superstardom and I suggest you get familiar with his work soon.

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