XXXTENTACION exits 2017 with the surprise drop of “A Ghetto Christmas Carol EP!”.

2017 has been quite the year for the Broward native, from his long awaited prison release, a XXL Freshman cover, a sold out nation wide tour, and a debut album, X has ceased to slow his momentum.

The young south Florida rapper has laid low in the recent months following the release of his most recent project ‘17‘. However some unforeseen circumstances have surfaced in regards to his legal troubles. With seven new charges being brought upon him, X will have a court hearing on Friday, the 15th. With the future of his freedom in uncertainty, X decided to gift his fans a new project to close out his monumental year.

Titled ‘A Ghetto Christmas Carol! EP‘ we are presented with five new tracks. A majority of the project produced by frequent collaborator; RONNY J!, X is also credited for some production contribution as well. At only five songs the young artists refuses to mask his diversity. From laid back melodic tracks accompanied by ambient and bass fueld beats like ‘A Ghetto Christmas Carol‘ to somber Boom-Bap type tracks such as, ‘hate will never win‘. However, this project is not  just all melodies and 16’s, tracks like ‘UP LIKE AN INSOMNIAC (freestyle)‘, ‘Red Light!‘, and ‘Indecision‘ will be a familiar place for those who love X’s more high energy pieces. With the politics aside, X’s contributions for 2017 have undoubtedly remolded the rap scene.

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