G Perico – Affiliated

The South Central LA rapper continues to hit the streets with yet another visual of his reality. G Perico follows the release of his recent mixtape, ‘All Blue‘, with a visual depicting his reality of Los Angeles culture. With his heavily 90’s west coast inspired, blue flagging, low-riding activities, G Perico stays true to himself and the streets that made him.

Directed and produced by So Way Out LLC; G Perico’s in house production team, we are presented with cinematic fast cuts of South Central nightlife, and G Perico serving as our tour guide. What sets G Perico apart from the rest of the competition is his humility. He represents the streets and he wears it on his sleeves (figurative and literally), he doesn’t need flashy clothes and jewelry to prove he’s a gangster. In true OG fashion, he lets his actions speak for themselves.

Not only is this visual compelling and entertaining, we are gifted with a teaser for the release of G Perico’s debut album, ‘2 Tha Left‘. This is only the beginning for the blue west coast revivalist.

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