The New Miami

South Florida has been the epicenter of Rap for the past couple of years. We’ve seen artist such as Xxxtentacion, Lil Pump, Smokepurpp, and Skimask The Slump God rise to superstardom. The level of success their careers have reached surpassed all of the non believer’s expectations. These household names have only been at their careers for just a short couple of years and are already respected as veterans. That leaves us with just one question, what other hidden talent does Florida have? This roster consist of young, up and coming artists out of Florida that we think will blow up in 2018.


iON is one of the many new young artists coming out of Florida that has a lot potential. With his melodic flows and spacey vocals iON’s versatility can take him far in the game. With such a young career iON has already bagged a number of impressive features from the likes of Lofty305, Yung Simmie, and Lil Pump.


Trapstar is one of the youngest artists in the Florida scene right now. His nonchalant, care-free, and flaunting demeanor makes him one of the most likable and magnetic rappers right now. Tapstar is fairly new to the rap game, however with the help from his cousin and mentor; Lil Ominous, Trapstar can take Florida by storm. Racking up hundreds of thousands of  plays this young creative poses a serious threat to his peers.



BamSavage has remained somewhat of an enigma, throughout his musical journey. The Broward native is stirring up tons of buzz with his diverse sound, from dark and gritty hype tracks to auto-tuned ballads Bam has the potential to dominate any lane he wishes. Bam’s talent speaks for itself, he is easily separated from the rest of his peers, Bam isn’t just a “Soundcloud rapper”, he can spit bars as easily as he masters melodies. The young rapper has amassed a majority of his following through his viral Instagram snippets and freestyles. With a cult like fanbase of devoted followers he is quickly climbing up the ladder of success locally and soon, globally.

Icy Narco

Icy Narco has gained a lot of momentum in recent months from his iconic look, shameless attitude and, knack for creating energetic anthems. With a discography of only four songs at the moment the numbers don’t lie, Icy is definitely on the brink of something big. Averaging around 150k plays each song Icy has an infectious and arrogant energy that appeals to the underground. Similar to his peers Icy has also dabbled with some mellow tracks that definitely have the potential for mainstream appeal.

Arnoldisdead aka Xan Frank

Arnold also known as Xan Frank is part of the Xanarchy collective (Lil Xan, $teven Cannon, Aris Ray and PacGod). Arnold gained a lot of buzz after getting his notorious Anne Frank face tatt. Arnold isn’t just some random teenager with face tattoos in fact, he is one of the hottest producers coming out of Miami right now. With production credits on tracks from Ski Mask the Slump God, Warhol.SS, Trapstar, and Robb Bank$ Arnold/Xan Frank is starting to become a household name in the music industry. His intense beats are meant to grab you by the throat and slap you in the face. In the era of fast paced and hard hitting Hip Hop Arnold is soon going to reshape the scene with his unique sound.


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