Wifisfuneral & Cris Dinero ‘Last Time Doing Drugs’ surprise EP

Its clear as day that Wifisfuneral and Cris Dinero have been locked in the studio ever since coming off of ‘The Boy Who Cried Wolf‘ tour. Wifi has been spending the past few months taking to social media, building up the suspense for his next project, ‘Genesis’.

Photo by Gunner Stahl

Cris Dinero has been focused on his own independent success as an artist also. With production credits on tons of underground hits under his belt, Cris has been veering off on his solo career. His debut project will be titled ‘Feel My Pain’.

Photo by Louieseye

Earlier today the two young artist took to Instagram to announce their surprise collaborative EP, ‘Last Time Doing Drugs’. The project consists of three tracks “we scrapped from Boy Who Cried Wolf” said Wifi. With just one feature from frequent collaborator; Craig Xen, the tape sheds light on what we could possibly expect from ‘Genesis’ and ‘Feel My Pain’. Listen below.

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