8 Ton Grit; Drayco McCoy

Indiana is a pretty quiet state when it comes to Hip Hop, however there has recently been a surge of young artists coming out of this sleepy state from middle America. The 22 year old has been flooding the airwaves with music, with a deep collection of tracks on Soundcloud and two tapes under his belt Drayco shows that he doesn’t have plans of slowing down any time soon. What makes Drayco McCoy so interesting is the refreshing energy that he brings to the table. His gritty and bouncy voice carries over the bass fueled beats like silk, the mans flow is of veteran status.

The sound is comparable to a hybrid of todays distorted/ hype driven tracks and a vibe that is comparable to the early Odd Future days. His versatility displayed on the 8TON GORILLA mixtape shows how much of a threat this guy is to the scene. With tracks like “Shoot You Down” that consists of a casual tempo that seems like a freestyle, backed by slew of dreamy chimes and heavy bass makes for an underground hit. Another track that heavily contrasts the previous is “8Ton Gorilla ft. Flaco” this is a track you get into fights at skateparks to. Nothing but aggressive and raw energy on this track. Accompanied by fellow Indiana native, Flaco brings a chaotic verse that accentuates his eccentric personality.

Drayco McCoy aka “Baby Guillotine”, aka “8 Ton Gorilla” has such great potential to do some amazing things for the Indianapolis scene. Give this guy a listen and pay attention, because Indiana is definitely up to something big and Drayco McCoy is one of the artists you need to have on your radar in 2018.

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