78 season all year round

Minnesota has been a sleepy state that has produced some musical gems in recent years such as Allan Kingdom and Dem Atlas. However, within the past few months Lerado Khalil has been brewing quite the storm in the Twin Cities. 

The young rapper has been stacking up tens of thousands of plays on platforms like Youtube and Soundcloud since his debut track “Pity” just over a year ago. There’s something so enticing about his lethargic driven cadence, it’s so perfectly effortless. Coming off his latest EP 78 Season Lerado has been pushing this “78” agenda heavily, although the meaning behind it has remained a mystery this has produced a cult like following across the country.

Coming in at just 3 tracks 78 Season is an exhibit of Lerado Khalil’s greatest strengths. With this being the young rappers first ever project we were pleasantly surprised to see how cohesive and organized the EP was. Each track gives you enough insight to get a feel for Lerado Khalil’s sound, his vocals are strong yet never overpowering the production. Lerado Khalil is meticulously plotting his arrival to the rap scene. With plenty of quality visuals accompanying his hits as well as a big ELEVATOR  co-sign. Lerado has no plans of slowing down in 2018. It’s 78 season all year round.


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