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78 season all year round

Minnesota has been a sleepy state that has produced some musical gems in recent years such as Allan Kingdom and Dem Atlas. However, within the past few months Lerado Khalil has been brewing quite the storm in the Twin Cities. 

The young rapper has been stacking up tens of thousands of plays on platforms like Youtube and Soundcloud since his debut track “Pity” just over a year ago. There’s something so enticing about his lethargic driven cadence, it’s so perfectly effortless. Coming off his latest EP 78 Season Lerado has been pushing this “78” agenda heavily, although the meaning behind it has remained a mystery this has produced a cult like following across the country.

Coming in at just 3 tracks 78 Season is an exhibit of Lerado Khalil’s greatest strengths. With this being the young rappers first ever project we were pleasantly surprised to see how cohesive and organized the EP was. Each track gives you enough insight to get a feel for Lerado Khalil’s sound, his vocals are strong yet never overpowering the production. Lerado Khalil is meticulously plotting his arrival to the rap scene. With plenty of quality visuals accompanying his hits as well as a big ELEVATOR  co-sign. Lerado has no plans of slowing down in 2018. It’s 78 season all year round.


8 Ton Grit; Drayco McCoy

Indiana is a pretty quiet state when it comes to Hip Hop, however there has recently been a surge of young artists coming out of this sleepy state from middle America. The 22 year old has been flooding the airwaves with music, with a deep collection of tracks on Soundcloud and two tapes under his belt Drayco shows that he doesn’t have plans of slowing down any time soon. What makes Drayco McCoy so interesting is the refreshing energy that he brings to the table. His gritty and bouncy voice carries over the bass fueled beats like silk, the mans flow is of veteran status.

The sound is comparable to a hybrid of todays distorted/ hype driven tracks and a vibe that is comparable to the early Odd Future days. His versatility displayed on the 8TON GORILLA mixtape shows how much of a threat this guy is to the scene. With tracks like “Shoot You Down” that consists of a casual tempo that seems like a freestyle, backed by slew of dreamy chimes and heavy bass makes for an underground hit. Another track that heavily contrasts the previous is “8Ton Gorilla ft. Flaco” this is a track you get into fights at skateparks to. Nothing but aggressive and raw energy on this track. Accompanied by fellow Indiana native, Flaco brings a chaotic verse that accentuates his eccentric personality.

Drayco McCoy aka “Baby Guillotine”, aka “8 Ton Gorilla” has such great potential to do some amazing things for the Indianapolis scene. Give this guy a listen and pay attention, because Indiana is definitely up to something big and Drayco McCoy is one of the artists you need to have on your radar in 2018.

The best music video directors that you need to know in 2018.

The climate of today’s music industry is in such a revolutionary position right now. We see over night sensations come out of the woodworks every month, former “Soundcloud rappers” collaborating with A-list artists, and major record labels scooping up as much of this new talent that they can get their hands on.

With this being said one of the biggest mediums within the music industry is visuals. We see these directors shoot up to superstardom and become household names in the industry just as much as the musicians.

Laka Films; Chicago, Illinois: 

Getting his start during the Chicago Drill movement, Laka has shot visuals for the likes of Famous Dex, Trippie Redd, Ski Mask the Slump God, and Lil Wop. Being a veteran on this list Laka has been able to broaden his style making him one of the most diverse directors on this list.

Cole Bennett (Lyrical Lemonade); Plano, Illinois:

Cole Bennett really blew on to the scene in 2017 and has become one of the biggest catalysts in the music industry. Amassing over 2 million subscribers on Youtube, Cole Bennett has catapulted the careers of artists such as, Lil Xan, Yung Bans, Ski Mask the Slump God, and Lil Skies.

Lonewolf; Hammond, Indiana:

Lonewolf has completely reshaped the world of musical visuals by blending the organic and raw shots of classic Rap videos with unique editing styles like no other. Investing more in smaller artists such as Comethazine, Rarri, and Drayco McCoy, Lonewolf is slowly building a media empire that will only continue to grow.

Trife Drew & William Asher (FigureEight); New York City, New York.

The FigureEight duo is the creative team behind the success of Tekashi 6ix9ine’s viral videos. With their rambunctious and gritty roots proudly displayed in their visuals FigureEight has yet to slow down. With a total of close to 200 million viewsl, FigureEight and Tekashi have found the perfect formula for success.

Waterwippinevan; Birmingham, Alabama.

Waterippinevan has exploded onto the scene in recent months. The young director got his big break in YBN Nahmir’s “Rubbin Off The Paint” and YBN Almighty Jay’s “Chopsticks”. Van has gone on to shoot for the likes of Ohtrapstar, Yung Bans, Pollari, and Rizzoo Rizzoo.


Go Yayo – CountDown

Go Yayo has been creating an immense buzz for himself all throughout the south over the past couple of years. Coming out of Fort Worth, Texas Go Yayo is arguable one of the most charismatic rappers in the game right now. Accumulating millions of views and plays across all platforms, releasing a slew of countless projects year after year, and a devoted fan base Go Yayo is on the verge of mainstream success.

Following the release of his last visual, ‘No Visa‘ Go Yayo and his visual team; HalfpintFilmz drop the brilliant video to his latest single ‘CountDown’. With ‘CountDown’ accumulating close to 50 thousands views in under 24 hours and ‘No Visa’ piling up close to half a million in a week, The Boom God is gearing up for another street classic. There is something much bigger around the corner, Go Yayo’s next project ‘All Hail Almighty Super Saiyan Boom God’.

Wifisfuneral & Cris Dinero ‘Last Time Doing Drugs’ surprise EP

Its clear as day that Wifisfuneral and Cris Dinero have been locked in the studio ever since coming off of ‘The Boy Who Cried Wolf‘ tour. Wifi has been spending the past few months taking to social media, building up the suspense for his next project, ‘Genesis’.

Photo by Gunner Stahl

Cris Dinero has been focused on his own independent success as an artist also. With production credits on tons of underground hits under his belt, Cris has been veering off on his solo career. His debut project will be titled ‘Feel My Pain’.

Photo by Louieseye

Earlier today the two young artist took to Instagram to announce their surprise collaborative EP, ‘Last Time Doing Drugs’. The project consists of three tracks “we scrapped from Boy Who Cried Wolf” said Wifi. With just one feature from frequent collaborator; Craig Xen, the tape sheds light on what we could possibly expect from ‘Genesis’ and ‘Feel My Pain’. Listen below.

Chattanooga’s best kept secret: Blu Rollxn

Blu Rollxn is a rapper with some serious potential. Coming out of Chattanooga, Tennessee, Blu Rollxn formulates raps that stand on a foundation of beautifully painted harsh realities, intricate rhyme schemes and sporadic flows. With the help from his main producer, Yung Polo the young rapper has a discography that contains nothing but heat.

After releasing his hit single “Blue Flaggin (Intro)” on Soundcloud, he followed up by releasing the visual that would soon go viral. Currently sitting at 3 million views and counting (even after a year later), He lets his listeners take a peek at his life in the streets of Chattanooga. Just a few months later he drops his debut mixtape “90 Problems” that would go on to collect hundreds of thousands of plays.


Blu Rollxn displays serious natural talent, what makes him so special from anyone in a similar lane as him is that he accompanies his fast paced lyricism and southern inspired vocals with intricate story telling. Blu Rollxn has huge potential to be a superstar and put Chattanooga on the map. With tons of plays, a wide skill set and, a strong team behind him, we have no doubt that Blu Rollxn will take over the streets, the airwaves, and everything between in just a matter of time. Get familiar with his work down below.

Twitter: @bklu_rollxn @_YungPolo3

Instagram: @blurollxn90 @yungpolo3

The New Miami

South Florida has been the epicenter of Rap for the past couple of years. We’ve seen artist such as Xxxtentacion, Lil Pump, Smokepurpp, and Skimask The Slump God rise to superstardom. The level of success their careers have reached surpassed all of the non believer’s expectations. These household names have only been at their careers for just a short couple of years and are already respected as veterans. That leaves us with just one question, what other hidden talent does Florida have? This roster consist of young, up and coming artists out of Florida that we think will blow up in 2018.


iON is one of the many new young artists coming out of Florida that has a lot potential. With his melodic flows and spacey vocals iON’s versatility can take him far in the game. With such a young career iON has already bagged a number of impressive features from the likes of Lofty305, Yung Simmie, and Lil Pump.


Trapstar is one of the youngest artists in the Florida scene right now. His nonchalant, care-free, and flaunting demeanor makes him one of the most likable and magnetic rappers right now. Tapstar is fairly new to the rap game, however with the help from his cousin and mentor; Lil Ominous, Trapstar can take Florida by storm. Racking up hundreds of thousands of  plays this young creative poses a serious threat to his peers.



BamSavage has remained somewhat of an enigma, throughout his musical journey. The Broward native is stirring up tons of buzz with his diverse sound, from dark and gritty hype tracks to auto-tuned ballads Bam has the potential to dominate any lane he wishes. Bam’s talent speaks for itself, he is easily separated from the rest of his peers, Bam isn’t just a “Soundcloud rapper”, he can spit bars as easily as he masters melodies. The young rapper has amassed a majority of his following through his viral Instagram snippets and freestyles. With a cult like fanbase of devoted followers he is quickly climbing up the ladder of success locally and soon, globally.

Icy Narco

Icy Narco has gained a lot of momentum in recent months from his iconic look, shameless attitude and, knack for creating energetic anthems. With a discography of only four songs at the moment the numbers don’t lie, Icy is definitely on the brink of something big. Averaging around 150k plays each song Icy has an infectious and arrogant energy that appeals to the underground. Similar to his peers Icy has also dabbled with some mellow tracks that definitely have the potential for mainstream appeal.

Arnoldisdead aka Xan Frank

Arnold also known as Xan Frank is part of the Xanarchy collective (Lil Xan, $teven Cannon, Aris Ray and PacGod). Arnold gained a lot of buzz after getting his notorious Anne Frank face tatt. Arnold isn’t just some random teenager with face tattoos in fact, he is one of the hottest producers coming out of Miami right now. With production credits on tracks from Ski Mask the Slump God, Warhol.SS, Trapstar, and Robb Bank$ Arnold/Xan Frank is starting to become a household name in the music industry. His intense beats are meant to grab you by the throat and slap you in the face. In the era of fast paced and hard hitting Hip Hop Arnold is soon going to reshape the scene with his unique sound.