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1400’s Chris King makes his highly anticipated debut with ‘LEONARD DI’TRAPPIO’ mixtape.

1400 has taken 2017 by storm with the explosion of Trippie Redd. Paving the way for the rest of this unique group we could only wonder, “who’s up next?”. 1400 affiliate; Chris King has been fairly quiet for some months, dropping just few singles and features here and there. After hearing him body his verse on ‘Rack City/Love Scars 2Chris King has been on our radar ever since.

LEONARDO DI’TRAPPIO‘ has a little something for everyone on this tape. With casual, laid back lyricism accompanied by smooth melodies on tracks such as ‘Evil On My Mind‘, ‘LONER MUZIK‘, ‘TEMPTATION‘, and ‘FUCK YOUR SPEAKERS‘. Chris King displays his versatility. For those fans of tracks with a little more punch, will find themselves blasting ‘ME‘, ‘AGGRAVATED‘, ‘FLAMETHROWER‘, and ‘DECEMBER 11TH‘. Chris King doesn’t shy away from his unapologetic and shameless attitude on this project, he knows he has something special and isn’t scared to make a believer out of everyone. 

This Project has a heavily stacked roster of features from artists such as, Eddy Baker, Khalil, Maxo Kream, Mozzy, Sauce Walka, SKRAMZ and Trippie Redd. Chris King has nothing but a hit catalog on his hands. Listen to ‘LEONARDO DI’TRAPPIO’ below.

XXXTENTACION exits 2017 with the surprise drop of “A Ghetto Christmas Carol EP!”.

2017 has been quite the year for the Broward native, from his long awaited prison release, a XXL Freshman cover, a sold out nation wide tour, and a debut album, X has ceased to slow his momentum.

The young south Florida rapper has laid low in the recent months following the release of his most recent project ‘17‘. However some unforeseen circumstances have surfaced in regards to his legal troubles. With seven new charges being brought upon him, X will have a court hearing on Friday, the 15th. With the future of his freedom in uncertainty, X decided to gift his fans a new project to close out his monumental year.

Titled ‘A Ghetto Christmas Carol! EP‘ we are presented with five new tracks. A majority of the project produced by frequent collaborator; RONNY J!, X is also credited for some production contribution as well. At only five songs the young artists refuses to mask his diversity. From laid back melodic tracks accompanied by ambient and bass fueld beats like ‘A Ghetto Christmas Carol‘ to somber Boom-Bap type tracks such as, ‘hate will never win‘. However, this project is not  just all melodies and 16’s, tracks like ‘UP LIKE AN INSOMNIAC (freestyle)‘, ‘Red Light!‘, and ‘Indecision‘ will be a familiar place for those who love X’s more high energy pieces. With the politics aside, X’s contributions for 2017 have undoubtedly remolded the rap scene.

Killy, Toronto’s unexpected sensation

‘Killy’s Ascent to the Top of Rap Is a Matter of Perfect Timing’ via Noisy

Following the success of his overnight hit ‘Kilimanjaro‘ Killy has become the unlikely star to be pushed to the forefront of Toronto’s Rap scene. Killy has a unique style of rapping unlike any of his peers. Killy represents a very niche community in Hip-Hop, being of Asian-Canadian decent, the 20 year-old rapper represents the minorities of Hip-hop proudly.

Killy sets himself apart from the rest of his competitors with his unorthodox and sporadic flow. With collaborations from those such as Nessly and 16yrold, paired with his dark and melodic sound Killy is genuinely one of a kind in this new generation of Rap. Heavily inspired by the sounds of Travis Scott plays into the big part of Killy’s appeal.

Killy via Instagram; @killy

Many think the young artist is just a “one hit wonder” however, with his upcoming debut project ‘Hood Hokage‘ in the works paired with hot singles like ‘No Romance‘ and ‘Forecast‘, Killy is on the come up. The new Universal signee is a serious competitor for the 2018 XXL Freshman class. If there are any still sleeping on Killy, he will wake them up in 2018.

Jelani Aryeh and Raisedbytheinternet

Jelani Aryeh: ‘Lavender Love’ via Instagram @jelaniiaryeh

I’ve had my eyes on Jelani and his team for some time now. It all started with a simple scroll through Instagram, on the explore page. The post that caught my eye was that of a young man in a pink, custom ‘American Flowerboy’ hoodie. The caption, “i talked to tyler today at comic-con. he called me a n*gga. best day ever.” After digging deeper through the depths of Instagram, Soundcloud, and Twitter I found out this kid had something special in store for himself.

Jelani Aryeh, a 17-year-old form the suburbs of San Diego isn’t afraid to express his inspirations, in fact he shares them quite boldly. With a blissfully alt-hip hop pathway that he’s paved for himself, he is a young creative mind birthed from the art of those such as Frank Ocean, Tyler, The Creator, and Kevin Abstract.

via Instagram @jelaniiareyeh

‘suburban destines’ via Instagram @jelaniiareyeh

Jelani, is also the founder of his own music collective, ‘raisedbytheinternet‘. With a growing following on social media and thousands of plays stacking up on platforms such as, Apple Music, Spotify, and Soundcloud. Jelani is on the verge of superstardom and I suggest you get familiar with his work soon.

Lil Gnar – Ride Wit Da Fye (Ft. Germ)

Lil Gnar knows no bounds.

Better known for his clothing brand Gnarcotic, Lil Gnar seems to be making an almost seamless transition in to music. From fashion, to skateboarding and everything in between he refuses to be confined to just one craft. Ride Wit Da Fye is nothing less of a banger, with an appearance from Atlanta’s own, Germ, the duo bands together to proudly flaunt their ice on anyone, and is willing to bring the pressure to anyone bold enough to test them.

Sporadic quick cuts of Lamborghinis speeding through vistas and shots of neon lit armored vehicles stuffed with cash, resembling the grimy and chaotic aesthetic of films like Batman Forever, Lil Gnar and Germ depict their fast paced adrenaline fueled lifestyle. While also doing a just a bit of shameless flexing.

Produced By : @SS.KEV

Video Directed By : Lil Gnar / Nicholas Jandora

Engineered By : @Neekattack

Who is SYRE?

For years Jaden Smith has teased the internet about his debut album, ‘SYRE‘ with countless singles. On November 17th, the we were finally greeted with the young mans first studio length LP. So the question stands, did the Roc Nation signee live up to the hype?


Jaden Smith ‘Icon’. @vevo

SYRE is the soundtrack that sounds like something out of a Hip Hop inspired western. The hard hitting aggressive production transports the listener into the mountains of Calabasas. The album is a speeding bullet of hype through western desert at sunset. Jaden Smith is not afraid to wear his inspirations on his sleeves and I think it really shows in this project. Fans of ‘Man On the Moon: The End of Day’ by Kid Cudi and ‘Yeezus‘ by Kanye West will catch on to the overall concepts and aesthetics expressed in tracks such as, ‘Icon‘ and ‘Batman‘.

Image-1Jaden did not hesitate at all to carry the album on his back. Instead of taking the industry standard approach of flooding every other track with A-list artists, he decided to keep it minimal and I think it worked out for his best interest. The features for the album took a very “quality over quantity approach” with only three guest appearances on the project; A$AP Rocky, Raury and Willow Smith, the features stayed well within their means and executed their verses well.

Coming in at 17 tracks and about an hour long, the young artist shows ambition and a clear drive for vision of the universe he paints saturated with bright colors, teslas and designer clothes. SYRE, although a bit lack-luster with some tracks such as ‘Rapper‘ that lack depth. Overall I would say that although Jaden did not exceed many expectations. However, he definitely established himself as a serious artist. The project was fairly cohesive from start to finish, he stepped outside of his comfort zones experimenting with new sounds to create amazing tracks like ‘B’, ‘L’, ‘U’ and ‘E’, as well as pairing singles with astonishing visuals. ‘SYRE’ get’s a 7/10 from me, the project seemed to run on a little longer than necessary. However, the production, anthem styled delivery and overall artistry makes up for this to be a solid debut for Jaden.

Focus Hip Hop & OG Nick Marsh; The Honest and Unfiltered

I first found Focus Hip Hop through the discover page on WordPress Shortly after making my own blog. I figured as a new writer in the Hip Hop blogging community it would be a good start to follow fellow bloggers. Screen Shot 2017-10-22 at 6.01.46 PM

Focus Hip Hop; ran by blogger OG Nick Marsh, is a space for honest and unfiltered Hip Hop reviews. What I found so appealing about his blog is that there’s no sugar coating when it comes to his critiques, the articles are straight to the point with an honest opinion. The articles are made for Hip Hop lovers, by a Hip Hop lover. There’s something there for everyone, covering all tiers of Hip Hop. From new, old, independent and chart-topping artists.

The reason I find this particular blog so refreshing is it’s brutal honesty. Most blogs are so concerned about saving face for their media presence that it begins to impede on their content. I highly recommend this blog for any person looking to find new music with a unique perspective, Focus Hip Hop is the place for you.

Make sure to follow Nick’s blog, Focus Hip Hop and his other social media listed below.

Twitter: @OGNickMarsh

Youtube: OG Nick Marsh

The Unorthodox Chaos; Injury Reserve


Ritchie With a T & Stepa J Groggs @ Come & Take it Live, Austin.

Arizona over the years has been a fairly quiet space in the music scene. The odd trio has a completely unique sound unlike any other. As they pioneer the music scene for Phoenix, they’ve said that their greatest influences, or rather lack there of in Arizona was the best thing that could have happened to them stylistically.

The DIY-centric group consists of three members, “Stepa J Groggs” (MC), “Ritchie With a T” (MC) and producer, Parker Corey. Surrounded by garageband and house show culture, theres something very raw and uncut about the group that provides a space for alternative and hip hop fans to enjoy.

With the lo-fi inspired melodies, Neptune’s-esque percussion and hardcore vocals, Injury reserve is pushing musical boundaries and broadening horizons that the genre has yet seen. Their live performances are a spectacle within themselves, fueled by raw emotions and infectious enthusiasm. With three full length projects under their belt, multiple collaborations (Vic Mensa, Chunk Inglish, Curtis Williams, etc.) and beautifully avant-garde visuals the trio has a promising road ahead of them.