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Go Yayo – CountDown

Go Yayo has been creating an immense buzz for himself all throughout the south over the past couple of years. Coming out of Fort Worth, Texas Go Yayo is arguable one of the most charismatic rappers in the game right now. Accumulating millions of views and plays across all platforms, releasing a slew of countless projects year after year, and a devoted fan base Go Yayo is on the verge of mainstream success.

Following the release of his last visual, ‘No Visa‘ Go Yayo and his visual team; HalfpintFilmz drop the brilliant video to his latest single ‘CountDown’. With ‘CountDown’ accumulating close to 50 thousands views in under 24 hours and ‘No Visa’ piling up close to half a million in a week, The Boom God is gearing up for another street classic. There is something much bigger around the corner, Go Yayo’s next project ‘All Hail Almighty Super Saiyan Boom God’.

The Tokyo Twins – Northside

The Tokyo Twins are a unique duo with an interesting dynamic that makes them all the more fun to listen to. Coming out of the Northside of Houston, The Tokyo Twins have continuously released infectious singles on Soundcloud like ‘Coyote Blue’ and ‘Starfox’. The Tokyo Twins, Lil XO and Scotty have been gearing up for something special with the debut of their new single “Northside” premiering on Worldstar. Receiving over one million views in just under 24 hours, The Tokyo Twins have something special to look out for.

Lil Gnar – Ride Wit Da Fye (Ft. Germ)

Lil Gnar knows no bounds.

Better known for his clothing brand Gnarcotic, Lil Gnar seems to be making an almost seamless transition in to music. From fashion, to skateboarding and everything in between he refuses to be confined to just one craft. Ride Wit Da Fye is nothing less of a banger, with an appearance from Atlanta’s own, Germ, the duo bands together to proudly flaunt their ice on anyone, and is willing to bring the pressure to anyone bold enough to test them.

Sporadic quick cuts of Lamborghinis speeding through vistas and shots of neon lit armored vehicles stuffed with cash, resembling the grimy and chaotic aesthetic of films like Batman Forever, Lil Gnar and Germ depict their fast paced adrenaline fueled lifestyle. While also doing a just a bit of shameless flexing.

Produced By : @SS.KEV

Video Directed By : Lil Gnar / Nicholas Jandora

Engineered By : @Neekattack

G Perico – Affiliated

The South Central LA rapper continues to hit the streets with yet another visual of his reality. G Perico follows the release of his recent mixtape, ‘All Blue‘, with a visual depicting his reality of Los Angeles culture. With his heavily 90’s west coast inspired, blue flagging, low-riding activities, G Perico stays true to himself and the streets that made him.

Directed and produced by So Way Out LLC; G Perico’s in house production team, we are presented with cinematic fast cuts of South Central nightlife, and G Perico serving as our tour guide. What sets G Perico apart from the rest of the competition is his humility. He represents the streets and he wears it on his sleeves (figurative and literally), he doesn’t need flashy clothes and jewelry to prove he’s a gangster. In true OG fashion, he lets his actions speak for themselves.

Not only is this visual compelling and entertaining, we are gifted with a teaser for the release of G Perico’s debut album, ‘2 Tha Left‘. This is only the beginning for the blue west coast revivalist.